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Friday, August 04, 2006

When life goes on the way it does

The war has entered it's 3rd week. No real achievements on the ground so far. Israel's military action inside the Lebanese areas remains unclear. The Israelis first claimed that they want to create a neutral area of 6-8 Kilometers between Israel and Lebanon. Now, they are claiming to create an area of 20 k"m. So far, it seems that the plan is not working quite well, since the rockets attacks on Israel haven't stopped yet.
Yesterday Hizbulla's leader appeared on tv and threatened to attack Tel Aviv in case Israel attacks Beirut. I don't know how serious he is and more importantly I am not sure if he has the logistic capacity to do so. It was interesting to notice that he was very pathetic yesterday. We didn't see him speaking with excitement or with ecstasy the way he usually speaks. His speech was a mixture of threatnings, lies, and bombastic declerations. I really hope there won't be any further escelation or any direct military intervention by other countries in the region. I also have the feeling that the war might end by the end of next week. At least I hope that by next week we would witness the end.
Yesterday the university announced that it will renew the exams on September the 3rd. Because of the war the exams had to be postponed. This actually ruined our plan because my friends and I have already booked a flight to Munich for September, and I had to cancel the trip until I know the exact date of my exams. This is the second time in my life that my exams collide with planned trips abroad. I wonder what does Murphy likes about me???
I have also received a date for my final recruitment. It is going to be November the 2nd, and I'll write more about that in my next posts

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This time I am not going to write about what's happenning with me. I want to write about what I am hoping to happen to me now, at this moment, while I am writing this post. In other words, I am trying to escape reality and to imagine myself in a place I have always dreamt to visit. It is the Scottish Island of Lewis and Harris. Lewis is the northern part of the largest island of the Western Isles of of Scotland. Harris is the southern part of the island. The following pictures can tell why this place attracts me more than any other place of the world, especially at these days:

Where Else Could You See a Flock and a Pasture on the Shore?

The Simple Life

White Shores and Exotic Pure Water (Remember it's Europe After All)

The Following 2 links include beautiful sounds from Harris and Lewis. Just close your eyes, lay back and give up to your imagination....



Enjoy it!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Strategic Developments

I have just heard the sound of the rockets attacking the nearby city of Haifa, while writing this post. The sound this time was very immense compared to the previous attacks, and it seems that two people were killed. This has become the new routine of Haifa; people go to work normally but when the alarm is heard, almost the entire city goes undergound. Those who do not follow the instructions are those who usually get hurt.
Meanwhile, Israeli troops started to enter Southern Lebanon in order to control the boarder, in an attempt to prevent Hizbullah from shooting rockets to Israel. So far Israel has conquered the Lebanese town of Maroon Al Ras, which is considered to be the most strategic. Israeli troops are saying that Hizbullah fighters left the town after the Israelis managed to control it. It doesn't seem that Israel is trying to go back to Lebanon, but it is going to be the beginning of a new military action in which some troops will enter and some others will leave, until a cease fire is declared. This week the real diplomatic attempts to stop the war will begin, and I can only hope they will be effective, and that this situation will end as soon as possible.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Getting Started...

Getting Started...

This is my first entry in my new eblogger, after deciding to try the worldwide blogging- mania. One would expect an initial entry to be festive or gleaming but this is not the case when a first entry is written in a state of war and paralysis. For all of those who are not familiar with the situation in the Middle East, I will try to explain briefly what's happening in my area these days.

Hizbullah- [The Islamic Resistence (Terroist) Movement of Lebanon] kidnappes 2 Israeli soldiers in July 12th ---> Israel decides to attack in order to paralyze Lebanon (this way they assume that they can prevent Hizbullah from trasnferring the soldiers to Iran/Syria and also to prevent them from transffering missiles from North Lebanon to South Lebanon)----> Hizbullah attacks Northern Israeli towns, including cities which have never been attacked by them before such as Haifa---> a state of mayhem prevails in the Middle East, and each side blames the other one for initiating the war.

If I were asked to define myself these days, I would probably choose to define myself as a "consumer". I am a consumer of all the thoughts, pictures, ideologies, and scences represented in the media. I consume the interpretations of the Israeli media which usually apply to my reason. Then, I get exposed the Arab/ international media and witness the savageness of the belligerent machine, and like every other human, these pictures apply to my feelings. As an Israeli I believe that Israel has the right to defend itself against its enimies, but the current military action seems to lacks all proportions. After all, Lebanon in my opinion, is probably the greatest Arab country historically and culturally, and it pinches me to see it aching through a collective punishment. On the other hand, a terrorist like Hassan Nasrallah can not do whatever he wants whenever he wants without respecting the international decisions, and therefore a military action against him and against his organization is unavodiable, but Israel has to do as much as possible in order to minimize the damage caused to the civilians. So far Israel says that it has been sending warnings to civilians in order to give them some time to leave their villages, but this method hasn't been effective enough so far.

I admit: I have been struggling to find justice in this entire battle, but I couldn't find any, and I guess I will never find. Justice doesn't have a place in this world since the human endeavor to gain personal interests would prevail over the basic right of living. Politicians and leaders think that through their actions they attempt to bring salvation to their countries, but the reverse seems to happen. There is no salvation at a state of war, nor there is a winner. Eventually this war will over after having consumed as much casualties as possible from both sides, and one thing seems to be certain: the true soldiers from both sides are the civilians who are unwillingly paying their lives to ensure the reckless continuity of dominance...
Until next time, I will keep dreaming of a brighter Middle East.